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None of the students have arrived on time.

I'll show you some.

We lost no time coming out of the shop.

Could I please borrow your pen?

Bright ideas never occur to me.

Why are you holding my hands?

The languages spoken in Cape Verde are Portuguese and creoles.


They are normatively accountable for doing so.

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I need to get you out of here.

Why didn't you inform me?

Pradeep gave Piotr a banana.

I'm not really busy.

All my friends like him.

I forgot that Klaus could read French.

Lucius has a message for Mikey.

He would like to take part in the competition.

Franklin knocked on Jingbai's office door.


It's up to you to do it.

The problem is that Fletcher doesn't always do his homework.

I'm already on the train.

They have been married for twenty years.

It writhes like a worm.

The breakwater had no effect against the tsunami.

The length of the article is not to exceed 1000 words.

Without hesitation, he told his wife the truth.

They aren't dead.

Do you have the same thing in a different color?

Justin made cookies.

Hotels usually install wall-to-wall carpeting.

The house has all the conveniences.

I make it a rule to take a walk for half an hour every morning.

Plastic said it was part of the job.

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He faded into the fog like the memory of a ghost long forgotten.

Eddy has the toughest job here.

Everyone wants money.

Nici seems very nervous.

I've learnt many things about Greek culture.


Bernard plays guitar in a heavy metal band.

Chancellor Merkel said that all Syrian migrants would be allowed to come to Germany and apply for asylum.

Tomorrow let's go to the morning bazaar.

Thanks for coming to our rescue.

Psychoanalysis is more a passion than a science.

The blast-off took place on schedule.

He has access to the American Embassy.

There is more money than is needed.

You're a nice person.

Aimee doesn't know it yet, but Pierre plans to ask him for a divorce.

I couldn't wait for them.

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I, too, am a teacher.

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We're coming home.

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The bus was about to start.


I suggest that you don't say anything about this to Norm.

He transferred his whole estate to his son.

Mobiles are so convenient that one can hardly imagine what life would be without them.

That's like the best power to have!

Syd complimented Holly.

We're probably ready.

Randall's hair is wet.

Susumu certainly should have kept his promise.

If you load too much weight in this box, it's going to blow up.

Thad has been dead a long time.

How's your chest?

We're not young anymore.

They drove across several villages during the trip.


I said yes.

I'm sixteen years old.

There's just been another explosion.

I suggest you keep out of this.

The teacher kicked her out of class.

He went to the bank and changed his money.

They will have less free time next week.

Henry has no more than six dollars.

I can't bake bread because I don't have an oven.

We are to pay back the money within the week.

"He's a tiger when he's angry" is an example of metaphor.

The girl that we were talking about lives here.

I am no match for him.


Greet him with a warm smile.

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Is there anything else you want to do?

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

I love God.

She got him to do everything she wanted him to do.

I don't remember that day.


Ira didn't fool me.

I wonder what she meant by that.

That is money down the drain.

Shane mixed the ingredients to make a cake.

The park is shady.

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He said, "So long, my friends," and left us.


I wish I had an answer.

Celeste makes her living by sewing.

Gregg is just going to walk away.


You are doing it the wrong way.

Without your assistance, I would have failed.

It's almost seven. We have to go to school.


Meeks kept me waiting for three hours.

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We only have a three hours left.

I know Geoff and Mikael were more than just friends.

He finished his beer.

Isaac was afraid of you.

What's everyone staring at?

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Carole and Darci bumped against each other.


Konstantinos was in charge.


Places like Disneyland may not be especially interesting to me, but I might like to go sometime.

Keith thought that Richard would be on time.

Benjamin is planning to study abroad next year.


It's very bright.

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I never read that book.

In what kind of world are we living?

Are we sinking?

Eh, just a second, let me finish this.

The tulips in my garden are now at their best.

Where's your babysitter?

Tahsin is breathing heavily.

It was claimed that climate change would create great difficulties in the area.

We found a glitch in the program that will have to be dealt with before we move on.

Hiroyuki deserves to know the truth.

Explain your idea more clearly.


Alexis wasn't surprised.

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Marlena was kidnapped by terrorists.

He referred to the subject.

This didn't fit me very well.

Their marriage is a sham.

Be sure to lock the door before you go to bed.

They sat on a bench in the park.

The books were so valuable that they were handled with the greatest care.


In his pockets there is no pipe, no tobacco, and no tabacco tin either.

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His books are interesting.


Exactly what's the accusation here?

Could you lift that pan for me, then I'll put this mat under it.

You can't buy me off with shiny beads and sweet talk.

We did that very well.

He bought a ticket for Paris.

That's free.

We're on our way to Gil's.


I'm Ramneek.

I added Newspaper article frequency data to the 'Kanji list' function.

"Do you like the way Betsy sings?" "Sure. Don't you?"

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We'll leave theory to the mathematicians.

He is very good-looking.

Kory is going to tell Lewis where he thinks John went.

She leaned against his shoulder.

Saiid shouldn't wait for Sundaresan for more than ten minutes.

I brought someone here to meet you.

Go around that way.


You can play this game in different ways.

She puts aside a lot of money.

Don't you have a plane to catch?

If we should miss the express, we'll take the next train.

Saad always wished he had more money.


I consented to help the old lady.

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I've decided not to go.

I think this is enough.

Laws are necessary.


No, and it's not under the chair either.

Are you going out?

Steve told me the tale of his travels.


Albert told me where I could buy the part I needed.

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It's advisable to check whether there'll be any adverse affects if you drink alcohol while taking the medication you've been prescribed.


You are late.


I want something else.